PLEASE READ *** Updated 26 October *** #1
Posted on 10:56 pm 10/25/2018
Hello Everyone

I am sorry to advise that sales at the sites have not been coming in, hence the very slow payments activity.
I have one or two drastic ideas but before I take any action (because they would cause uproar) I am asking members to offer suggestions that would get the sites moving again.
I have previously explained that I am not able to inject any funds at this time and without income at the sites we are seeing no progress.

We now have a POLL running with the a very good suggestion. Please take a minute to vote.

One of the alternatives to the suggestion in the Poll is to stage a HARD RELAUNCH. This would mean the following things would happen:-
1. All current payment requests would be cancelled.
2. Waiting time would be added back to memberships.
3. Payment requests will be turned off.
4. All Upgrades would be Suspended.
5. Your Suspended Upgrades will be reinstated as soon as you make a purchase in excess of $2.00 (Referrals, Advertising etc.)
6. Payment requests would be re-opened for the ACTIVE Upgraded members (reinstated after making a purchase)
7. All Upgrades would be reinstated when adequate funds are available.
8. All member Payment requests would be re-opened.

This would NOT be my first choice, but if enough support does not come for the Lottery proposal I will have little choice.
Last edited by admin on 10:16 pm 10/26/2018
Never be afraid to ask............
Re: PLEASE READ *** Updated 26 October *** #2
12.96 $
Posted on 7:16 am 10/26/2018
I have other suggestions.
Purchase option from the Main balance. It only takes 1-2 weeks.
So you would get some money to pay off.
Personally, I want to extend my membership here to SurfBTC and up there too.
Any advertising, .... to try the poll
They enjoy a nice day
Re: PLEASE READ *** Updated 26 October *** #3
Posted on 9:09 pm 10/26/2018
Agony. You decide.
We postpone a new loss for 1 month.
I'm just waiting
I do not commit suicide
You will make a new ........ and again
We drank cold water
I have experience
You also
Good luck
Re: PLEASE READ *** Updated 26 October *** #4
Posted on 10:15 pm 10/26/2018

Thank you for the comments. Opening purchases from Main Balance would actually have a negative impact if we allowed upgrades to be purchased. The sites would receive no income. All that would happen is the Main balance would be reduced.
I can, however, restrict purchases to Advertising purchases only, but again, we would see zero income from it.

I will send an Admin email out today asking for members to vote in the Poll AFTER reading my post above. We urgently need to generate some cash income.
Never be afraid to ask............
Re: PLEASE READ *** Updated 26 October *** #5
Posted on 3:53 am 10/28/2018
thanks admin I'm in

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