One Time Offer #1
Posted on 11:21 pm 04/10/2019
Hello Everyone

As most of you are aware, we are currently out of funds for Perfect Money and DogeCoin.

It will be next Wednesday (earliest) before I can add any money to the accounts.

Because of this I am making you ALL an offer that will not be repeated.

If you currently have a payment request in the queue (for any processor) I am willing to pay the request using SKRILL. This will be on a first come first served basis but I will cover up to six or seven requests.

Just contact me with your site Username and your Skill email address. Note: the payment will appear at the site as Perfect Money even though you recive Skrill.

If you are not a member at Skrill you can join through this link :

I am in the final stages of Verification at Skrill and if all goes well we could be adding it as a Payment option in the next few days.

Never be afraid to ask............

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